Words of Cheer for Each Day of the Year

from Publisher's Foreward:

"C. E. Cornell was one of the foremost pastors of the first half-century of the Church of the Nazarene. For years he served First Church, Chicago, and carried on a vigorous evangelistic ministry. Later he pastored historic First Church of Los Angeles, California. He was primarily a soul winner. It is said that he would preach for fifteen or twenty minutes and follow with an altar call lasting as long or longer. His consuming passion was souls.

It is altogether fitting that during the church's observance of its fiftieth anniversary another edition of C. E. Cornell's Words of Cheer should be published. The memory of this dynamic personality and untiring worker deserves to be revived during this Golden Anniversary of the church.

Words of Cheer -- could there be found a more appropriate thought during these days of uncertainty and bewilderment? The Word of God brings cheer to the darkest hour, as the first drops of a refreshing rain to a drought-wilted flower. The world brings heartaches, burdens, disillusionment, disappointment. Just when we are about to be overwhelmed, the words of Jesus come, whispered by the Spirit, 'Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.'"

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