Scriptural Holiness

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
B. A. Cundiff

Introduction by W. B. Godbey

The Theology of Holiness

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Dougan Clark
01 -- Entire Sanctification A Necessity
02 -- Entire Sanctification Obtainable
03 -- Entire Sanctification In Patriarchal Times
04 -- Entire Sanctification In Type
05 -- Entire Sanctification In Prophecy
06 -- Entire Sanctification As Taught By Jesus Christ
07 -- Entire Sanctification As Taught By Paul
08 -- Entire Sanctification As Taught By Peter
09 -- Entire Sanctification As Taught By John

Symbols of Pentecost

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
David Shelby (D. Shelby) Corlett
Chapter 1 A New Dispensation
Chapter 2 The Rushing Mighty Wind
Chapter 3 The Tongue Of Fire
Chapter 4 Speaking In Other Tongues -- Part One
Chapter 5 Speaking In Other Tongues -- Part Two
Chapter 6 Tongues At Corinth
Chapter 7 The Abiding Experience

God The Unfinished

This study uses poetry to explore the significance of extending hospitality to God, and grapples heavily with the ways human beings limit God in our speech, actions, and theology. Building on the works of prominent philosophers and theologians who investigate the common harms of category, this project seeks to ask provocative questions regarding the way we speak to, for, and about God.


Embodied Love: An Ontological Understanding of Christ’s Body as it Impacts Disability Justice

The goal of this paper is to explore the intersection between Disability Justice and Theology. I will attempt to address the works done in the field of Disability Theology, as well as theology more broadly, and connect them to various points of the Disability Justice movement. Providing these links along with my own commentary and personal experience in each area will create an understanding of how Disability Justice is important to the Church not only for the Disabled members, but for the understanding of God.


Lessons for seekers of holiness

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. A. (Harmon Allen) Baldwin
Prefatory Note
1 Our Position
2 The Call to Holiness
3 Definition
4 Proper and Improper Candidates
5 Strivings Within
6 Motives
7 Hindrances
8 Conviction
9 Conviction -- Concluded
10 Confession
11 Confession -- Concluded
12 Miscellaneous
13 Uses of Temptation
14 Abandoment of Consecration
15 Faith
16 Faith -- Concluded


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