Practical Theology

The Ministry of Shepherding: a study of pastoral practice

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Eugene L. Stowe

A discourse on the pastoral office with a reaffirmation of the concept of shepherding as the pattern for parish ministry.

Preacher's Magazine

A Wesleyan-Holiness journal devoted to the interests of those who preach the full gospel. Church of the Nazarene


Helps to Holiness

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Samuel L. Brengle

This book was written by an officer in the Salvation Army, Commissioner Samuel L. Brengle (1860-1936).  It "is intended to help every reader of its pages into the immediate enjoyment of Bible holiness" (Preface to the first edition).


Wesleyan Foundations of the Master's Plan

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Woodie Stevens

This small booklet explains the wesleyan roots of the discipleship approach known as "The Master's Plan."

Narratives of Holiness Identity: the "Sanctified Person" in the Church of the Nazarene

This dissertation is an exercise in practical theology, which investigates and responds to the problem of changing holiness identity in the Church of the Nazarene.



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