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Transforming Leadership: A Self-Discovery Process Based on Recent Nazarene Growth Data

Two essential characteristics of authentic Christian leadership are followers and change. If our leadership is to be transforming, we must create the environment, use appropriate enquiry, and set appropriate examples. As leaders, we should be using tools that enable followers to discover God’s plan for them, use their unique gifts, expose their passions, and enable them to develop their potential. This session will elucidate the leadership behaviors necessary in the 21st century church to create followers and change.

Compassionate Ministry through Your Church

It has been said that every local church must be a center of compassionate ministry. This workshop focuses on how every church congregation can engage their community and the importance of a proper theology of compassionate ministry.

The Ordination of Women to Ministry in the Church of the Nazarene

This paper by Dr. Paul M. Bassett, Professor Emeriti of the History of Christianity, Nazarene Theological Seminary, was given as a “reflection piece” to stir discussion in a meeting of the Women in Ministry Support Group at Nazarene Theological Seminary.


Love Conquers All

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
William E. McCumber

Author W. E. McCumber shares practical insights on the meaning of holiness as taught in the Scriptures. These brief essays, that first appeared as articles in the Herald of Holiness magazine, possess a single unifying theme-holy life flowing from a holy heart. 

Education in Liturgy for Christian Formation at Scottsdale First Church of the Nazarene

A project describing a congregation's education in liturgy and worship and its effect on spiritual formation.


Bethany Nazarene College A Cappella Choir Sings - 50th Anniversary Choir at Pilot Point, Texas

A Cappella Choir 50th Anniversary Choir at Pilot Point, Texas: Recorded Oct. 13, 1958, Bethany Nazarene College.

From the back cover:

           The Choir:  Professor Lester L. Dunn of Bethany Nazarene College, Bethany, Oklahoma, leading the A Cappella Choir in special song at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Church of the Nazarene held at Pilot, Texas, October 13, 1958.


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