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Herald of Holiness - August 10, 1966

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Samuel Young
Milo L. Arnold
V. Raymond Edman
William Robert Adell
Robert L. Owen
James H. Ingalls
James MacLeod
Marvin L Buell
David Canen
Jack M. Scharn
Gloria Willingham
Leslie Parrott
Buford Battin
A statement about Faith by V. Raymond Edman

02 Let God be God by General Superintendent Young

03 A Family Adventure by Milo L. Arnold

04 The Way by William Robert Adell

05 Miracle at Simi Valley by Robert L. Owen

06 Tell the People to Live It by James H. Ingalls

07 Bugles and Trumpets by James Macleod

08 Our God Is Not an Automated by Marvin L. Buell

09 Suffering and Providence by David Canen

10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser

11 He Is There by Jack M. Scharn

12 A Story-Note by Gloria

13 The Fantastic Story of Rudy Quiram by Leslie Parrott

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Herald of Holiness - August 19, 1964

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
V. H. Lewis
William J. Strickland
Paul R. Martin
Brian L. Farmer
Robert E. Maner
Vera Clay
Dorothy S. Hampton
Marvin L Buell
Marlene Swaim
Doyle Sanders
Buford Battin
A colonnade building with the American flag flying overhead. Inset: a rocky terrain.
'In the Power of the Spirit'; Soul Erosion See Page 6; Iolani Palace Honolulu Hawaii District Church of the Nazarene.

02 Commitment for Today by General Superintendent Lewis

03 Guidelines to Holy Living by William Strickland

04 A Short Walk with Jeremiah by Paul Martin

05 “It’s Me, O Lord!” by Brian L. Farmer

06 Soul Erosion by R. E. Maner

07 “Heralding” the Witness by Vera Clay

08 To the Brink of Eternity and Back by Pleais Hampton with Dorothy Hampton

09 Consecration … Invitation to Friendship by Marvin L. Buell

10 Someone is Watching You! By Marlene M. Swaim

10 It was the Hand of God! By Doyle Sanders

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