Mark D. Berry

Mark D. Berry is district superintendent of the Alabama South District of the Church of the Nazarene. He has pastored several churches in Pennsylvania and Alabama, taught for Northwest Nazarene University, Nazarene Bible College, Trevecca Nazarene University, Mid America University and Indiana Wesleyan University, and created the Nazarene Disaster Response. He has written articles for Herald of Holiness/Holiness Today, The Preacher's Magazine, Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Magazine, Grace and Peace Magazine, and Wheels of Grace. He and his wife live in Prattville, Alabama.

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Herald of Holiness - April 1, 1988

William E. McCumber
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Keith Schwanz
Ed Felter
John W. May
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Mark D. Berry
Two bells hung in archways overlooking a countryside.
The Christian's Relation to the World/ The Negative Power of Cursing/ Revival--Antidote for Oblivion/ Church of the Nazarene

4 The Christian’s Relationship to the World, John F. Hay
6 Democracy and Righteous People, Keith Schwanz
7 The Negative Power of Cursing, Ed Felter
10 Will the Sun Shine Again?, Ivan A. Beals
11 What If?, John W. May
12 Calamity Christians, J. V. Langford
14 Melting in the Night, Michael A. Vasquez
15 The Evolutionary Effect, Timothy R. Cassity
16 Revival - Antidote for Oblivion, David J. Felter
17 Christian Parents of Homosexuals, William Goodman

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