Jerry Potter

Jerry Potter resided in Baldwin City, Kansas.

From Herald of Holiness - January 20, 1965.

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Herald of Holiness - January 20, 1965

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Jerry Potter
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A green-tinted overhead photo of the Tower Bridge, the Thames River and the city of London. Inset: a small white chapel.
"Lord, Bless Our Little Church" See Page 6/ London, England: The Thames River and Tower Bridge British Isles South District Church of the Nazarene

02 Modern Monasticism by General Superintendent Coulter

03 When Failure Comes by Delmar Stalter

04 Needed: A Name by J. J. Steele

04 Song for Strings by Joyce Leth

05 The Motive for Evangelism by J. Paul Downey

06 “Lord, Bless our Little Church” by Jerry Potter

06 To a New Young Christian by Alice Hansche Mortenson

07 We Must Go Back by Morris Chalfant

08 Nazarene Theological Seminary by V. H. Lewis

09 What About Our Church? By Carolyn Lunn

09 Thank God There’s a Heaven by Frances B. Erickson

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