Herald of Holiness - September 20, 1961

A man teaching a Sunday School lesson to people in pews.
National Sunday School Week September 24-October 1, 1961

General Articles

02 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

03 Road Signs for Sinners by General Superintendent Powers

04 Joy in thet Morning by Margaret Palmore

05 The Tragedy of the Desert Experience by Ismael E. Amaya

06 “¡Viva el Nazareno!” by Milton Harrington

07 Needed: An All-out Thrust for God! By W.J. Young, Jr.

08 Are You a Growing Teacher? By Bennett Dudney

09 The Sunday School and Sunday Nights by E.G. Benson

10 Influence That Educates by Kenneth S. Rice

11 Service on the Surface by Ralph A. Mickel


04 Try Prayer! By Jane Greeley

07 … Who Have No Christ by Berniece Ayers Hall

09 Prayer for Teaachers by Robert D. Troutman

11 Is Teaching Worth the Trouble? By Kathryn Blackburn Peck


13 Evangelism

13 Foreign Missions

13 Ministerial Benevolence

14 General Interests

14 District Activities

15 The Local Churches

16 The Bible Lesson

18 News of the Religious World

18 The Answer Corner


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