Herald of Holiness - September 15, 1971

Why were the saints, saints? Because they were cheerful when it was difficult to be cheerful, patient when it was difficult to b

02 The Believer's Birthright by General Superintendent Coulter

03 Spend Yourself by Randal Denny

04 A Magic Shield by Louis A. Bouck

06 Look Up - Jesus is Coming! by C. William Fisher

07 Pen Points: Life Can Have Meaning by Harold Runyan

08 Faith at Home by Rosemary Lee

08 To Dream the Possible Dream by G. Thomas Wilson

10 Faith's Plans and Expectations by Raymond C. Kratzer

11 Love At Work by L. J. Du Bois

12 Dimension: Adventures in Self-Discovery by Darrell E. Luther

12 Evangelists' Reports

13 What's In a Name? by Garth Hyde

14 Confusion About Commitment by Harold B. Hoyt

15 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser

28 News of Religion

29 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser

32 "By All Means... Save Some": A Unique Mission Field by Thelma Gray


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