Herald of Holiness - October 15, 1976

An illustration of a Maori child surrounded by flora, fauna, landmarks, and artifacts from New Zealand.
New Zealand

02 For Profit and Blessing by General Superintendent V. H. Lewis
03 Christchurch Bishopdale, New Zealand by Dorothy Teare
04 The Position of the Church of the Nazarene On Speaking in Tongues by Board of General Superintendents
06 The City of Volcanoes by Sharon Teare
06 The Martin House by Audry Miller
07 "What's His Face" by Jerry D. Hull
08 Just What Is Palcon? An Interview with Eugene L. Stowe
10 A Special People by Hugh L. Rae
10 Miracle I Witnessed by Charles D. Mosher
11 In the Bookstall by C. Neil Strait
12 Don't Retire From Life! by Vivian C. Umbarger
13 The Salary Increase
14 Guard The Gates! by Theodore P. Esselstyn
15 Guppies, Groupers, and Growth by James H. Mullins
16 Editorials by John A. Knight
18 Happiness Is...Self-Acceptance by Pauline E. Spray
34 News of Religion
35 Answer Corner
38 By All Means by Jerry Cline


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