Herald of Holiness - November 15, 1976

An illustration of pilgrims, men, women, and children walking through the snow.

02 Thanksgiving And Missions by General Superintendent Charles H. Strickland
03 Not Empty-Handed by Betty Martin
03 Thanksgiving Prayer by Lucile Waer
04 Counting The Cost by Thane Minor
06 Putting Your Heart Into God's Work by Morris Chalfant
06 Sing A Song of Thanksgiving by Ovella Satre Shafer
07 In the Bookstall by C. Neil Strait
08 The Kept Ones by E. W. Martin
09 Another Spirit of '76 by Peter W. Gentry
10 Civil Religion Vs. New Testament Christianity by Don Kraybill
12 Family Altar--Pertinent Or Passe? by Nina E. Beegle
13 How Can I Thank Thee? by Alice Hansche Mortenson
14 I Believe We Have A High Calling by Theodore P. Esselstyn
15 Typical Marks of the Cults by Harold L. Phillips
16 This Day is Mine by J. V. Wilbanks
17 Happiness Is...A Grateful Heart by Pauline E. Spray
18 Editorials by W. E. McCumber
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
34 By All Means by Mrs. Ernest Holscher


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