Herald of Holiness - November 1, 1961

A flock of sheep in New Zealand.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; New Zealand Countryside

General Articles

02 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

03 “He That Winneth Souls” by General Superintendent Lewis

04 I Know That God is Love by Ruth Vaughn

05 Reigning in Life by Eric E. Jorden

06 Shining Lights Can Mean Shining Lives! By Delmar Stalter

08 “That There May be Equality” by Don Williams

09 A Christmas Preview by William J. Nichols

10 “My Presence Shall Go with Thee” by Paul Skiles

12 Externals and Ethics by C.B. McCaull


07 Shine On, O Blessed Lights, Shine On! By Alice Hansche Mortenson

08 Giving Thanks Always! By Enola Chamberlin

09 Bright Galaxies by Grace V. Watkins


13 Evangelism

13 Foreign Missions

14 General Interests

14 District Activities

15 The Local Churches

16 The Bible Lesson

18 News of the Religious World

18 The Answer Corner


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