Herald of Holiness - May 25, 1966

A revival service where an evangelist prays over two boys.
Pentecost and the Cross (See page 3.) Are we 'starving out' the evangelist? (See page 4 and 5.)

02 Pentecost—Permanent Abiding by General Superintendent Coulter 03 Pentecost and the Cross by John A. Wright 04 Are We “Starving Out” the Evangelist? by Raymond Hurn 07 Power! Power! Power! by Milo L. Arnold 08 Route to a Well-rounded Life by Mendell Taylor 09 A Fellowship of Concern by Jack M. Scharn 10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser 12 Toward Abundant Living: Reacting to Jealousy by Leslie Parrott 13 News of Revival 14 People in the News 15 Hymn of the Month by Floyd W. Hawkins 16 Evangelists’ Slates 18 Late News 18 News of the Religious World 19 The Answer Corner


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