Herald of Holiness - March 3, 1965

Three children playing in wagons. Inset: General Board Meet.
General Board Meeting See Page 27 / Children are an heritage of the Lord Psalms 127:3 / For the Whole Family Eight Extra Page

02 EASTER Missionary Offering by General Superintendent Benner
03 A Central Experience by John W. May
04 Discord in Your Home by Harley E. Bye
05 The Dilemma of Discipline by Curtis Chambers
06 Maximum Security by William A. Tolbert
07 Don’t Lose Your Leisure by James E. Adams
07 Assurance by Viola E. Hodge
08 God’s Timetable by Mrs. Everett S. Phillips
08 “No Man Cared” by J. McCray Holmes
09 On Finding a Place of Service by Dorothy S. Hampton
10 I Must Get ALONE with Christ! By Ruth Vaughn
12 Twixt Him and Thee by Ila R. Monday
11 You and the School by William J. Nichols
12 Stars in Your Eyes by Milo L. Arnold
13 Contentment by Richard Louwrens
13 The Marthas by Grace V. Watkins
13 In the Beginning … God! by Viola E. Hodge
14 Canadian Nazarene College
15 “Do the Same for Them” by Mrs. F. Griffith
16 A Story-Note by Gloria
18 Pro & Con
19 Exceeding Abundant Grace by Sylvan F. Starks
20 Tests for Promotion? by Delmar Stalter
21 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser
The Church at Work
23 The N.Y.P.S by Paul Skiles
23 The Local Churches
24 The Bible Lesson by Brian L. Farmer
25 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser
26 Late News
26 News of the Religious World


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