Herald of Holiness - June 28, 1961

Portrait of Nazarene General Superintendent V. H. Lewis
Evangelism First 1960-1964; "Our church engaged in total, unceasing evangelism will be God's voice of awakening, salvation, and salvage in this momentous hour. Let us all give ourselves to making this a reality now."

General Articles

02 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

03 Lost…the Bible! By General Superintendent Benner

05 There Is a Cure for Heart Trouble! By John W. May

06 The Evangelist is Coming! By Delmar Stalter

07 “Shining Lights on Sunday Nights” by B.W. Downing

08 Revival Evangelism by David K. Wachtel

08 Fogged In by E.E. Wordsworth

10 Beholding the Glory, Reflecting the Image by S.F. Hicke

11 The Ministry of Trials by Ed Bennett

13 New Executive Secretary by V.H. Lewis


03 An Awesome, Glorious Truth by E. Wayne Stahl

04 Shepherd of Men by Christine White

06 I Will Listen! By Anna Johnston

09 Above the Storm by Berniece Ayers Hall

13 How Much Christ Gave! By Flora E. Breck


14 Foreign Missions

14 Home Missions

15 The Bible Lesson

15 District Activities

16 The Local Churches

18 News of the Religious World

18 The Answer Corner


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