Herald of Holiness - June 26, 1957

First page of the Herald.

01 A Psalm of David

02 Late News

02 Gleanings from the Office Editor’s Desk

03 Dr. Charles A. Gibson, Hardy C. Powers

03 “Whatsoever Things,” Mabel Newman

04 How Old Is “Old-time" Religion? Leo C. Davis

05 “Others Were Tortured,” Norman R. Oke

06 The Tithe Is No Longer Enough, R. L. Lunsford

07 My Desire, Alice W. Norton

07 Has the Church Changed? Van Turman

08 Are You Getting Him Ready? Mary E. Latham

08 Sin Destroys, J. M. Yarbrough

09 News in Picture

09 Countless Thousands, Mrs. W. M. Franklin

10 One Person Can Pray Down Revival, Genevieve Thompson

10 Still Standing Through the Storm, C. W. Davis

11 Thumbnail Sketches

12 Editorials, Stephen S. White

11 T he Immediate Task, Paul Hendrix

14 Books in Review

15 Confidence, Marion B. Shoen

16 Thought for the Day

16 Why Sing? Ovella S. Shafer

19 Whiter than Snow? Mrs. W. M. Franklin


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