Herald of Holiness - January 22, 1958

First page of the Herald.

01 Jesus, the Unpredictable, General Superintendent Young

03 Moving Ahead in Puerto Rico, General Superintendent Benner

04 The Supermarket of Religions, Carl W. Gray, Jr.

05 The Holy Passion Lingers, Herman L. G. Smith

06 Life Is a Challenge, Justa Lee Allen

06 Pattern for Power, Christine White

07 Forever, E. Wayne Stahl

08 Some Nazarene Churches I Have Seen, Art Croy

08 Only a Boy! Katherine Bevis

09 In the Darkness Believe, Lois Kendall Blanchard

10 My Travels During the Fall of 1957, Stephen S. White

10 The Creation, Flora E. Breck

11 Consult Your Travel Agency, Letta J. Sigler

14 Ear Plugs and Hearing Aids, Mabel C. Quadlin


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