Herald of Holiness - January 1, 1980

A Bible open to Revelation with sand running through an hour glass both set on rippled sand.

2 The Secret of Contentment, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
3 Right Now - Live!, Hugh Gorman
4 Meet the Future Bravely, Gordon Chilvers
5 A New Year (a poem), Geraldine Nicholas
6 Trouble Collectors, Luther Watson
7 Day by Day (a poem), Alma Floyd
7 Has the Conscience Gone Awry?, Theo Carter
8 Tell Me, Do Holiness Folk Live What They Profess?, Richard S. Taylor
9 Discrimination in Television Viewing, Neil Hightower
10 Faced by Eternity, Mary Kate Neely, as told to Cindy Peterson
11 Taproots of Eternity, Fletcher Galloway
12 Alone With God, Thomas A. Ainscough
13 When Sorrow Was an Evangelist, L. Kenneth Adams
13 Beside Still Waters, Hughes W. Day
14 The Four Faces of Joy, Bill Vermilya
15 "Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour...", Edith Wilt
16 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 Daily Bread - For Whom?, Marvin R. Zanhiser
19 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
34 By All Means, Bill Moots


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