Herald of Holiness - February 3, 1965

A young man talking to an older man over the Bible. Inset: a young man leaning against a lamppost.
God's Word Has the Answer/ For the Whole Family Eight Extra Pages

02 Strong is His Church by General Superintendent Lewis

03 Can God Heal Today? By Asa H. Sparks

04 Let Us Not Take Seminary for Granted by Samuel Young

04 My Decision by Marian L. Knorr

05 Toward Christian Understanding by A. F. Harper

06 Prayer Requests by Enola Chamberlin

07 $1,168 by Venita Hancock

07 Crisis by Martha Voigt

08 Heavenly Lustre by Jack M. Scharn

09 Hole Watching by Everek R. Storms

09 Learn to Say “Sir!” by Theda Jaggers

10 The Seed that was Lost by Reginald Heasley

11 Under-achieving Children by William J, Nichols

13 A Visit to Bethany Nazarene College by Gordon C. Wickersham

16 Bible Stone Quiz by Ovella S. Shafer

17 A Story-Note from…

18 Pro & Con Letters to the Editor

19 Please Him! By Rodger D. Atwood

19 Sculptor or Potter? By Eva J. Cummings

20 Spiritual Backlash by Robert E. Hollis

21 Editorials by W. T. Purkiser

23 The Church at Work

25 The Answer Corner by W. T. Purkiser

26 Late News

26 News of the Religious World

27 The Seminary and World Missions


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