Herald of Holiness - February 2, 1972

A college of images of Nazarene Theological Seminary buildings and its president William Greathouse.
Seminary Sunday February 13; Dr. William M. Greathouse, president.

02 Such a God! by General Superintendent Young

03 At Wit's End - God! by Catherine Ellingson

05 Money Talks! by Richard C. Halverson

06 The Divine Sculptor by Garth Hyde

07 You Can't Change People, But God Can! by Joseph Gray

08 The God of All Comfort by Jerry W. McCant

10 The Supplier of Needs! by Carlos L. Stepp, Jr.

10 Prayer is Like - by Pearl Burnside McKinney

11 Self-Love: Experiencing Christ Living in You by Aarlie J. Hull

12 A New Hymnal for the Church by Alpin P. Bowes

14 When Love Organizes by Milo L. Arnold

14 Split-Level Homes by John A. Knight

15 Challenge to the Church by William Broadhurst

16 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

28 News of Religion

29 Answer Corner

32 By All Means by Doris Porch


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