Herald of Holiness - February 12, 1958

First page of the Herald.

01 A Prayer for All to Breathe, General Superintendent Williamson

02 Do Your Children Know the Minister? Elizabeth W. Sudlow

02 God Is Here, Marion B.Shoen

02 Music Memoettes, Ovella S. Shafer

02 The Sabbath Day, Celia M. Lowe

03 The Golden Anniversary Challenge, General Superintendent Vanderpool

04 Climate for Home Missions, Roy F. Smee

05 Home Missions . . . a Local Challenge, M. E. Clay

06 When People Pray, Joe Edwards

07 A District Superintendent Plans for 1958, Oscar J. Finch

08 Home Missions . . . the Backbone of the Church, John E. Wordsworth

08 “The Fellowship of His Sufferings,” George W. Privett, Jr.

09 News in Picture

09 Slack Not . . . Come to Us . . .Help Us! Louise R. Chapman

10 Thumbnail Sketches, Paul Martin

10 Breath of God, Reuben R. Welch

11 West Germany, Hardy C. Powers

12 Editorials, Stephen S. White

14 The Anniversary Issue. Russell V. DeLong

15 Faith Has Wings! Grace Clyde Andrews

15 An Old Church Window’s Testimony to God’s Help, Norman Schlichter

15 News Items from the Past

20 A New Morning Prayer. Norman C. Schlichter

20 I Can’t Afford to Quit. F. W. Davis


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