Herald of Holiness - February 1, 1982

The sun rising over the hills casting shadows on the snowy ground.
"Morning by morning, O Lord, You hear my voice..." (Psalm 5:3, NIV)

2 God's Books, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis
3 The Secret of Lincoln's True Greatness, Morris Chalfant
4 Letters
5 Don't Throw in the Towel, Neil E. Hightower
6 No Other Cover (a poem), Mabel P. Adamson
6 Weaning Time, Leroy Reedy
7 N O W (a poem), Pearl Burnside McKinney
8 "Customers Wanted - No Experience Required!", William L. Poteet
10 "You Shall Live", Joyce Hughes
11 Paradoxes (a poem), Nadine Luoma
11 After You Have Suffered, Elmer W. Pannier
12 Why?, Merrill S. Williams
13 Stay on the Mountain, Frances Simpson
14 "This House Protected By God", Emmelyne Helsel
15 My Heavenly Guide (a poem), Alice Hansche Mortensen
15 Book Brief: Portraits of Faith: Meditations from Hebrews 11, Albert J. Lown
16 The Editor's Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
18 The Spiritual Power of One Person, Arthur E. Kelly
18 Legacy (a poem), Chris Grauman
19 Audio Pornography, William Goodman
20 By All Means, Leslie Wooten
21 In the News
30 News of Religion
31 Answer Corner
35 Late News


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