Herald of Holiness - February 1, 1961

First page of Herald of Holiness with Superintendent Benner's article.

01 The Vale of Avoca by General Superintendent Benner

03 “Evangelism First” in the Homes by Leslie Parrott

04 Christ in the Tempests of Life by Evangelist H.B. Garvin

05 After Sanctification – What? By Ivan A. Beals

05 A New Year’s Thought by E. Wayne Stahl

06 Living Unshaken in a Shaking World by S.F. Hicke

07 American Needs a Summit Meeting! By K. Boyle

08 News in Picture

08 The Deaf and the Blind by Sylvan F. Starks

09 A Clear Record by Florence Rhomberh

09 Prayer by Enola Chamberlin

10 The Little Firefly by Pauline E. Spray

10 What’s New in the Manual

11 The Accusations of the Movie Industry by A.S. London

11 God Cares! By Sarah German

12 Editorials by W.T. Purkiser

16 The Answer Corner by W.T. Purkiser

17 Religious News and Comments by Wilson R. Lanpher

19 Evangelists’ Slates


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