Herald of Holiness - December 23, 1959

First page of the Herald.

01 The Immediacy of Faith by General Superintendent Young

03 Is it Nothing to You? By Edward Lawlor

04 Facing the New Year? By Robert Harding

05 New Year by Maggie Culver Fry

06 Music Memoettes by Ovella Satre Shafer

07 Man’s Predicament – God’s Opportunity by W.M. Greathouse

08 Religion: 1960 Model by Flora E. Breck

08 Lamp of My Life by Berniece Ayers Hall

09 News in Picture

10 "’Twas the Day After Christmas, When" by Robert A Rapalje

10 "Son, Be True, Son, Be True!" by Morris Chalfant

11 Will Your Life Stand Inspection? By F.W. Davis

12 Editorials by S.S. White

14 Thought for the Day by Bertha Munro

17 The Question Box by Stephen S. White

19 News of the Churches


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