Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1989

A young man takes notes on a journal article with a microscope nearby.
Nazarene College Day April 23/ Church of the Nazarene

4 From Backwoods to Boardrooms, Kenneth F. Watson
5 The Christian College Experience: A Rare Treasure, Tom Barnard
6 From Nightclub to Pulpit, Bill Bray
7 The Coal Miner’s Son, Willis E. Snowbarger
8 The Presence That Made a Difference, Herb Prince
12 The Crash That Put Me Together Again, Stan Meek, As Told By Sherry Kragh
13 Teachable or Gullible, Dellora West
14 Beyond the Tithe, Joseph D. Biscoe, Jr.
5 How to be a Receiver, Carole D. Mortenson
16 Candy Touches Base for God, Lola M. Williams
17 “For Sale” Sign Miracle, V. Leo Kinnett

14 A Presence, Neil C. Fitzgerald

2 Undisciplined Knowledge, General Superintendent John A. Knight
9 Nazarene Roots: The Inherent Tension in Nazarene Education, Stan Ingersol
10 Life on the Boundary with Jim Sheets…, Al Truesdale
11 “Because You Gave…”, A Smart Investment— Howard Culbertson
18 The Editor’s Standpoint, W. E. McCumber
21 By All Means, From Candidate to Convert— Gary E. Johnson

20 Answer Corner
20 Letters
22 In the News
33 News of Religion
35 Late News


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