Glenn J. Sneed

Glenn J. Sneed was a retired Nazarene minister living in Royalton, Illinois, in the 1980s.

From Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1984.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1981

William E. McCumber
Jerald Johnson
Ross Hayslip
Charles Hastings Smith
Jean Hogan Dudley
J. Melton Thomas
Gordon Chilvers
Sherry Yerkes
Pauline E. Spray
John M. Nielson
Lois Blanchard Eades
Caroline Gilroy
Walter Gilroy
William L. Poteet
Elma Brooks Compfort
Celeste Rhea
Dorothy Conant Stroud
Glenn J. Sneed
Leita Twyeffort
A crown of thrones in the shadow of a cross.

2 Those Who Bring Good News, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson
3 Two Borrowed Tombs, Ross W. Hayslip
4 Letters
5 They Crucified Him, But on the Third Day, Charles Hastings Smith
6 The Gardener? (a poem), Jean Hogan Dudley
6 Pulling the Sting of Death, J. Melton Thomas
8 Easter's Answer to Evil's Challenge, Gordon Chilvers
9 He Came As a Servant (a poem), Sherry Yerkes
10 If I Died Tomorrow...What Would I Take With Me?, Pauline E. Spray
12 The Measure, John M. Nielson

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Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1984

William E. McCumber
V. H. Lewis
Glenn J. Sneed
Geraldine Nicholas
Betty McLaughlin
Robert E. Wilfong
Cecil Miller
William J. Strickland
J. Philip McLaren
Elsie Hunter
Neil Hightower
Merle Lamprecht
Tim Franklin
Mabel P. Adamson
Reuben Welch
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Steve Cooley
L. S. Tracy
J. Clyde Cox
A black graduation cap on antique embossed books with a diploma tied with a red ribbon and a red rose.
Nazarene College Day/ April 29

2 Are You Ready?, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis
3 The Last Nickel, Glenn J. Sneed
3 Praise (a Poem), Geraldine Nicholas
4 Letters
5 What We Waited For, Betty McLaughlin
6 What’s the Christian College Worth?, R. E. Wilfong
7 Witness on Wheels, Cecil Miller
8 The Church and Christian Higher Education, William J. Strickland
10 Why Do I Teach?, J. Philip McLaren
11 Christ Changed My Life, Elsie Hunter
12 When Research Runs Dry in Education, Neil Hightower
13 Late Start (a Poem), Merle Lamprecht

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Herald of Holiness - August 15, 1981

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Judi Turpen
Herbert McGonigle
Gordon Chilvers
Glenn J. Sneed
John F. Hay
Sue Prentice
Charsten Christensen
Leroy H. Reedy
Merrill S. William
David Schooler
John W. May
Richard S. Taylor
Dean Nelson
Jennifer Ailor
Steve Cooley
Doris P. Restrick
A lighthouse on a rocky shoreline.
Bass Harbor, Maine, Lighthouse

2 Deliverance in the Crisis, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 Ultimate High, Judi Turpen
4 Letters
5 A Scriptural Experience, Herbert McGonigle
6 Jesus Gives Joy, Gordon Chilvers
7 Agape, Glenn J. Sneed
8 God's Diagnosis and Cure for Sin, John F. Hay
9 Stop...Look...Listen!, Sue Prentice
10 Parables (a poem), Charsten Christensen
10 Moved with Compassion, Leroy H. Reedy
12 Just Who Is the Holy Spirit, Anyway?, Merrill S. Williams
14 Backsliding: No Small Thing, David L. Schooler

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Herald of Holiness - June 1, 1977

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Clare St. John
Harold I. Smith
George Privett
James D. Hamilton
Morris Chalfant
Aleta Harris
Geneva McCullough
Pauline E. Spray
Ruth A. Cameron
Glenn J. Sneed
Geraldine Nicholas
Charles Hastings Smith
Gordon Chilvers
Rob Smith
Jerry Hull
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Tom Wingard
Irene Gragg
A little blonde girl feeding a baby deer.

02 The Beauty of Holiness by General Superintendent Charles H. Strickland
03 Working Wheels Keep Clean by Clare St. John
04 Christian Wedding Or Church Wedding: Is There A Difference? by Harold Ivan Smith
06 Lifting Up Christ Begins At Home by George W. Privett, Jr.
07 Sin’s Penalties by James Hamilton
08 Gateway Or Terminal? The Lesson of Kadesh-Barnea by Morris Chalfant
08 A Spark in the Dark by Aleta Harris
09 Book Brief: Rx For “Nerves” by Pauline Spray—Reviewed by Geneva McCullough

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