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Herald of Holiness - April 22, 1964

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
D. I. (Daniel I.) Vanderpool
Robert H. Scott
Oscar Hudson
Brian L. Farmer
Mary H. Augsbury
Wayne E. Welton
Pearl O. Burnside McKinney
Ross Hayslip
Michael Hutchens
Ruth Wood Vaughn
Nelson E. Kauffman
George Decker
Many sailboats on the water of San Francisco Bay with bright sun; Inset: a man studying at a desk, seen through a window.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; Fishing Fleet San Francisco Bay - General Assembly and Conventions Portland, Oregon June 19-26, 1964; Knowledge and Christian Education See page 8.

02 The Church Commissioned by General Superintendent Vanderpool

03 Is the Old Mortality Dead? By Robert H. Scott

04 Present Perils by Oscar Hudson

05 I. At Pentecost: The Secular Becomes Sacred by Brian L. Farmer

05 The Most for my Money by Mary H. Augsbury

06 What I told my Son about Smoking by Wayne Welton

07 Beneath the Surface by Pearl Burnside McKinney

07 Bought with Blood by Ross W. Hayslip

08 Knowledge and Christian Education by Michael Hutchens

08 Possessed of Thee by Ruth Vaughn

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Herald of Holiness - April 8, 1964

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hugh C. Benner
James H. Jackson
B. Winfred Ritter
Donald S. Metz
Maynard James
Dean Baldwin
Mamie B. Hendricks
Kathryn Blackburn Peck
Vern A. Hannah
Alice Hansche Mortenson
George Decker
Gloria Willingham
A brick building with palm trees in front on Pasadena College campus. A man, S. T. Ludwig, talking on the phone.
Evangelism First 1960-1964; National Christian College Day April 12, 1964; S. T. Ludwig 1903-64 See page 12.

02 Life – Hoarded or Invested? By General Superintendent Benner

03 Do you have your Title Insurance? By James H. Jackson

04 “We have to Live with Ourselves!” by Winfred Ritter

05 Tongues in the Church at Corinth II by Donald S. Metz

06 The More Sure Word of Prophecy by Maynard James

07 Christ is our Wonderful Counselor! By Dean Baldwin

08 Brush-Burning Time by Mamie B. Hendricks

08 Fruit Bearing by Kathryn Blackburn Peck

09 A Personal Passion by Vern Hannah

09 This I Know! By Alice Hansche Mortenson

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Herald of Holiness - January 6, 1965

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Hardy C. Powers
Milo L. Arnold
L. Lee Gaines
Jack M. Scharn
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Michael Hutchens
George Decker
Iris Cathell
Katherine Bevis
P. J. Smith
Elden Rawlings
Leo C. Davis
Roland Stanford
William J. Nichols
Ovella Satre Shafer
Gloria Willingham
A young girl looking at a picture.
"In the Power of the Spirit"/ Official Organ of the Church of the Nazarene/ Nazarene Theological Seminary See Page 14/ "He is happiest, be he king or peasant who finds peace in his home." --Goethe/ For the Whole Family Eight Extra Pages

02 Soul Disturbers by General Superintendent Powers

03 Photographs or Paintings? by Milo L. Arnold

04 A Striking Contrast by L. Lee Gaines

04 A Useful Man by Jack M. Scharn

05 Christianity’s Social Concern in America by J. Grant Swank

06 Remember When? By Michael Hutchens

07 Saved by His Grace by George Decker

08 The Christian Home … and its Survival by Iris Cathell

09 God’s Footprints by Katherine Bevis

10 An Experience or a Person by P. J. Smith

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