Expressing a Nazarene Identity: Frameworks for Lay Leadership

This book focuses on how the Church of the Nazarene has perceived its mission and purpose in the world from beginning days to the present. The book describes the particular reason-to-be of the church and its distinctive character, particularly in relation to its organisational structure, educational philosophy, and missions. It explains some of the ways in which the church has developed its theology from John Wesley, Methodism, and the holiness movement to the twentieth and twenty-first century, and how the church has expanded its ministry of compassion to the world.

Floyd T. Cunningham, PhD. Academic Dean and Professor of the History of Christianity at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary and Sessional Lecturer at Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane. Dr. Cunningham earned his PhD in history at Johns Hopkins University and is the author of Holiness Abroad: Nazarene Missions in Asia, the co-author and editor of Our Watchword and Song, and the writer of the two Examining our Christian Heritage modules for the USA/Canada Course of Study, as well as the author of articles and chapters in various publications.


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