Bertha Munro

Bertha Munro was professor of English Language and Literature at Eastern Nazarene College in Wollaston, Massachusetts, in the 1960s. 

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - September 30, 1959

Stephen S. White
Vernon L. Wilcox
J. Kenneth Grider
Lyle Prescott
Kathryn M. Dayton
Arthur Hedley
Andrew O. Hendricks
Enola Chamberlain
Edgar F. Bibb
Pauline E. Spray
Clarence Edwin Flynn
Haldor Lillenas
Bertha Munro
A sketch portrait of Haldor Lillenas.

02 The Beauty of Holiness by Vernon L. Wilcox

04 Rapture by J. Kenneth Grider

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Truth for Today

Bertha Munro
Truth for Today

The material of this book is the product of a life lived in the heights - the hill of the Lord. The object is to help think clearly, to love God supremely, and to serve faithfully. It contains devotional readings for each day of the year.